Jan 30

Why Should I Teach My Dog To Sit?

Obedience TrainingOne of the first things that owners should teach their dogs is to sit because it is one of the easiest to train.  Most don’t realize how important teaching your dog to sit can be. If you think about it, there are many things your dog can’t do when he is sitting.  When your dog is sitting, he can’t jump up on guests and he can’t bolt out the door when you open it to leave.  When he’s sitting, he is unable to pull on his leash while you are talking to someone or shopping in the pet store. He can’t jump up and grab something off the counter or knock things off the coffee table with his tail.

If you get creative enough you can probably find dozens of things your dog does that teaching a good solid sit command can prevent.  It is a good idea to practice the sit command everywhere you go and in all kinds of different situations.  Before you know it, your dog will be sitting without you asking!


  1. Juliette

    I had my westie dog sitting on command within one week of having him – he was only 6 wks! All I said was “sit nicely” in the right voice. Yes it is practical and safe to be able to get your dog to achieve this each and every time. Nice blog.

    1. rtouhey

      That’s great! It’s best to start them as soon as you get them. The right tone of voice is important as well. Great job!

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