Jan 27

What Type Of Dog Harness Should I Buy?

Easy Walk Harness, Dog HarnessHarnesses are great tools for walking your dog.  They prevent damage to your dog’s neck when he pulls; they are typically sturdier than collars and the right dog harness can help you keep your dog from pulling too hard. That being said, what type of harness would I recommend?

The dog harness I recommend most often is the Premier Easy Walk Harness.  The Easy Walk Harness connects in front of the dog at his chest.  Connecting in the front of the dog prevents him from pulling by gently steering him to the side.  If your dog pulls, pickup an Easy Walk Harness and take your dog for an enjoyable walk! 


  1. sonia's pitbull harness

    Easy Walk harnesses are great! I use one on my dog and it’s gotten her in the habit of walking at my side. I’m now weaning her off it and she’s still walking at my side – it’s wonderful.

    1. rtouhey

      Yes! The EasyWalk Harness is great! I’ve used them successfully with a number of dogs.

  2. WHATtypeOFDOGshouldIget

    Sometimes i may ask someone, what type of dog should i get .. but i remember my old Shepherd, and want it furiously, so i don’t need any other type of dog anymore.

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