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What to Consider When Choosing a Pet Bed

Pet BedsIf you’re anything like us, we treat our pets as a member of the family.  We want them to be comfortable all year round.  We have several different pet beds for our animals.

Many people buy pet beds without putting much thought into the process and end up being extremely disappointed for one reason or another once they are purchased.  The bed collects too much hair, it’s too difficult to clean, the puppy messed on the dog bed and the stuffing bunches up.  We will discuss some of the things to look for when purchasing pet beds that will help prevent these and other problems you may encounter.

Here are some items to consider when purchasing a pet bed:

1)      Where will the bed be placed
2)      Do I need more than one
3)      What size do I need
4)      What kind of fabric
5)      Is it machine washable/dryable

In my opinion, one of the most important items to consider first is where to place the pet bed and how it will be used.

I own several beds for my dogs so I don’t have to constantly move them around. One is placed in the living room, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.

Having a pet bed in the living room keeps the dog in our social environment.  The pet bed in the outskirts of the kitchen not only keeps the dog comfortable, but also helps train him to stay out of the kitchen.  Finally, the pet bed in the bedroom gives him a space of his own and gets him into the habit of going to bed when we do.

Of course, the size of the pet bed depends on the size of your dog.  Purchasing a bed too small can make it uncomfortable to the extent that the dog won’t even use it.  Try to find a bed big enough for him to stretch out completely on his side and accommodate any other positions he finds comfortable.

I find that purchasing a pet bed with a removable cover and made of a fabric that can be machine-washed and dried is extremely convenient. This keeps the stuffing from bunching up and leaves a fresh, clean cover each time it is washed.  There are several pet beds on the market with a soft and comfy fabric that can be easily machine washed and dried and will have a nice, clean, and fresh pet bed back to your pet in no time.

In conclusion, when looking for a pet bed, it’s best to consider purchasing more than one so they can be strategically placed in different parts of your home.  A pet bed big enough that will allow your dog to stretch out on his side and choose different positions is ideal. Finally, a fabric that is not only soft and enticing, but one that can be machine washed and dried.  This will ensure that your pet will always have a clean and fresh bed.

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