Apr 04

Using Toys or Play as Rewards In Training

using toys as rewardsToday, most trainers rely heavily on treats as rewards when training dogs. While this is probably the easiest method for most dog owners,  it can be much more fun to use dog toys and games as rewards. Anything your dog enjoys can be used as  reward.  Once I have taught my dogs a behavior, I use toys and play to reinforce the behavior.

For example, my two labs will do anything for a ball or Frisbee.  When we play fetch, I have them sit or lay down before I throw a ball or Frisbee.  This can also be used to train a rock solid stay or leave-it command.  So, if your dog has a favorite toy or game he likes to play, using them as a reward can not only make it a fun, it can also make it a bond building training session that can create rock solid behaviors.  Be creative and you will be surprised what you can teach your dog while playing games!

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