I would highly recommend Rick Touhey to anyone looking for a dog
trainer.  Rick is very knowledgeable and has a very calm and patient
training style.  My dog was about one year old when I adopted her
from a shelter.  She had no prior training, so obedience training was
starting a little late.  She also had multiple other issues including
lack of potty training and separation anxiety.  Rick regularly
offered tips and advice on how to deal with these issues and how to
enhance the obedience training. He is very patient and firmly
believes that most issues can be addressed and resolved with the
proper training, patience and time.  I have seen him work with other
dogs and was very impressed at how quickly they learned and responded
to his calm training style that focuses on positive reinforcement.
His advice and helpful tips really helped me get through a very
difficult and challenging year.  My dog is making great progress, and
Rick’s training tips and ideas have been very helpful. He would
always take the time to discuss various issues and offer suggestions
on how to address them.   I would definitely recommend Rick to anyone
looking for a great trainer.


Rick did an amazing job with our lab mix, Moxie.  We adopted Moxie
when she was 3 years old and she had some issues with aggression
towards other dogs.  Rick recognized that she lacked confidence and
felt that by having her learn commands, it would help improve her
confidence and attitude towards other dogs.  After the first session we
had with Rick, Moxie learned four commands with ease.  He gave us so
many great tips and we recognized a change in how Moxie behaved.  She
was more playful and showed less aggression towards other dogs.  It is
evident that Rick has a great presence with dogs and they respond to him
so naturally.


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