Feb 07

Stop Your Dog From Begging At The Table!

dog begging at tableDoes your dog beg for food at dinnertime?  This is most likely because he has been given food or treats while you were sitting at the table.  To stop your dog from begging, all treating from the table has to stop. Everyone in the family needs to be consistent in ignoring any and all begging.

Try giving your dog a Kong toy stuffed with treats or dog food.  There are recipes available at the Kong website for stuffing a Kong. You can also try soaking a Nylabone in chicken or beef broth before you sit down to dinner. Make sure you do this before your dog starts begging.  He will focus on the bone instead of bothering you, your family, or your guests while eating.

During a meal, it will also help to place a dog bed nearby where your dog can see the family while he chews on his bone.  He will soon learn that this is where he should be while you are eating dinner.  In time, he should stop begging at the dinner table.


  1. Lindsay

    I taught my dog the word “Out!” which translates to “Get your butt out of the kitchen!” I don’t really mind if he begs from a distance, but I hate when he’s right in my face, staring at me, drooling. Sometimes I tell him to stay on his bed, which is in our living room area, near the kitchen. He can see us from his bed. But for dogs that are just learning or dogs that will sit there and cry, a Kong or bone to chew on works great to keep them distracted and happy.

    1. rtouhey

      Teaching them a word for leaving the kitchen is great. I use out as well. They also know go to your bed, in our living room area as well. Teaching dogs not to beg at the table is tough for a lot of owners because they feel guilty eating in front of their dogs. Giving them something to do eases that guilt a little.

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