Jan 05

Should your dog wear a sweater?

Dog SweatersSome people believe that dogs don’t need sweaters when it’s cold because they already have fur or long hair that keeps them warm.  They believe that because they are descendants of the wolf and were originally raised outside, they can adapt quickly.  Huskies, Malamutes and St. Bernard’s have thick, heavy coats and can survive outside.  Other dogs cannot adapt as well.

Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Miniature Pinschers, and other small breeds don’t have the thick coats or the body mass to withstand cold weather.  Because their bodies are so much smaller, they lose body heat much quicker.  Some larger breeds such as Doberman’s and Greyhounds can’t adapt to the cold as well.  They have short hair and are extremely lean.

Do your dog a favor this winter. Buy them a dog sweater or a hoodie to wear when they are outside in cold weather.


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  1. avril

    So only if you have a small dog it’s necessary to buy him sweater?

    1. rtouhey

      Not necessarily, it depends on the dog. There are larger breeds that benefit from sweaters when it’s cold out. Greyhounds, Dobermans, Vizsla’s and Weimaraner are a few that come to mind. While they are bigger and have more body mass, their fur is thinner.

  2. avril

    I understand. I have a Saint Bernard, but he’s only 2 months old. I bought him some sweaters from here: http://www.lolaandrocky.com , but he’s growing very fast and that’s why I was wondering when should I stop buying him clothes.

    1. rtouhey

      You probably stop now. Saint Bernard’s have a thick, dense coat and can withstand the cold for longer periods. That’s not saying to leave them outside for hours, but they really don’t need sweaters or coats to keep them warm.

      1. avril

        Thanks for your advice. I am lucky to have a Saint Bernard, but I’ll keep in mind what you said if I’ll have a chihuahua dog:P

  3. hoverfly

    My dobermans love their sweaters. If I put a sweater on one of them, the other sits in front of me, looking up at me, waiting for his sweater.

  4. barbara

    What kind of sweater should please my husband who thinks sweaters on dogs is ridiculous? Our weimador and I will thank you.

    1. rtouhey

      I would suggest something plain if he doesn’t like sweaters.

  5. funny dog t-shirt

    I have some sweater shirts and my german shepherds are liking it. Well, your dogs should get used to it if you want them to wear those. Just saying.

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