Feb 05

Kong Toys – Why Do Trainers Love Them?

Kong dog toyThe Kong is probably the most well-known and popular dog toy available today. It is also one of the most versatile toys.  The Kong toy is so popular because of the way it keeps your dog occupied while trying to get out the goodies.   It also bounces around in an unpredictable way when dropped. The Kong is a hollow and has a hole at each end, making it easy to stuff with healthy dog treats and other foods like peanut butter or cheese. Most dogs will work for hours licking at the Kong and playing with it trying to get the goodies.




Kong toys are available in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small to extra large as well as a special puppy size. They are also made of two types of natural rubber. The original Red Kong is designed for the average chewer and the Black Kong is designed for the aggressive chewer and is made of a more durable rubber.

While Kong toys are great for keeping your dog occupied, they must be supervised at all times while playing until you are sure they can be used safely when you are away.

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