Oct 16

Healthy Pet Treats For Puppies

Free Range 6 Inch Bully Stick SpringsToday, most dog trainers use positive reinforcement methods.  This means giving lots of treats during training sessions. As a trainer for several years, I have heard a lot concerns from students as to whether or not giving treats to puppies is good for them. Pet treats can be a healthy and wonderful way to reward your puppy for learning new things.

Since the market is so saturated with an abundance of treats, it can be very confusing when trying to find a healthy treat for your puppy.  I always recommend small treats for all dogs, especially puppies.

During training sessions, I typically use a pet treat about the size of a pea for large dogs and half that size for smaller dogs.  While I don’t recommend giving a dog a treat just for the sake giving them a treat, I understand that most of us like to give our pets something good just because we love them.  I suggest avoiding the BIG dog biscuits on the market today for a situation as this.  Our dogs are just as happy to have that small treat as opposed to the big treat.

bully sticksWhat makes a pet treat healthy?  When shopping for treats for dogs and puppies I always look for natural treats such as Bully Sticks.  Another good healthy treat are raw bones, but in moderation.    These are just two types of healthy pet treats that can keep your dog or puppy busy for some time.

I suggest avoiding treats that contain wheat, corn or soy.  Why avoid these three ingredients?  Our dog’s digestive tract is much shorter than ours, and they cannot efficiently process the nutrients from these ingredients.  Wheat and corn are also known to be allergens for dogs and puppies.  If at all possible, try to buy pet treats without these ingredients.  Take the time to read the label.

In addition to avoiding treats containing wheat, soy and corn, animal fat and animal by products should be avoided as well.  The source of animal by products is unknown and they are much harder to digest than natural products.

If the ingredients on the label simply state animal fat, the type of animal fat is also unknown.  Chicken fat, beef fat or any other specific type of fat is okay. Dogs need fat in their diets just like we do.  .

In conclusion, it is still possible to give our dogs and puppies healthy pet treats even with the enormous amount of pet products on the market today.  It is as simple as reading the label of ingredients before buying any pet treat.  I feel that by using healthy pet treats, you may be able to enjoy more years with your puppy.

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