Feb 01

Eliminating Undesirable Behaviors

Undesirable BehaviorsJumping on guests or chewing on our shoes are normal behaviors for dogs, but aggravating to us humans.   One of the best ways to stop these undesirable behaviors is to teach your dog the desired or alternate behaviors and rewarding him for them.  An example of an undesirable behavior is when your puppy is chewing on one of your favorite pair of shoes.  Take away the shoe, have him sit, and give him a bone, a bully stick or a chew toy.

Another example is demand barking.  Dogs train us well.  While playing ball, they bark at us because they want us to throw the ball.  What do we do?  We throw it.   Try putting the ball away until he stops barking and throw it when he is quiet.  This method of training is important at all stages of life but is crucial with puppies under six months old.   Their personalities and habits are developing during this critical period.   What better time to teach them right from wrong, or should I say, desirable from undesirable!

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