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Jan 30

Why Should I Teach My Dog To Sit?

One of the first things that owners should teach their dogs is to sit because it is one of the easiest to train.  Most don’t realize how important teaching your dog to sit can be. If you think about it, there are many things your dog can’t do when he is sitting.  When your dog is sitting, he can’t jump up …

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Jan 27

What Type Of Dog Harness Should I Buy?

Harnesses are great tools for walking your dog.  They prevent damage to your dog’s neck when he pulls; they are typically sturdier than collars and the right dog harness can help you keep your dog from pulling too hard. That being said, what type of harness would I recommend? The dog harness I recommend most …

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Jan 16

Three Common Mistakes Owners Make During Dog Training

Dog ownership brings us a lot of pleasure, but it requires a great deal of responsibility as well.  Along with feeding and exercise, training is a big part of that responsibility. Studies have shown that most dogs in shelters are there because of behavioral issues.  Some of these dogs have been through training programs and …

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Jan 13

Train Your Dog to Play Fetch

Many owners complain that their dogs will not play fetch or will chase a ball but not bring it back. Teaching a dog to play fetch is one of the easiest and in my opinion, the best game an owner can teach his dog. It is not only easy; it helps build a life long …

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Jan 09

The Doorbell is ringing, BARK, BARK, BARK!

Through my experience as a dog trainer I have learned that people are often embarrassed by their dog’s behavior at the door when visitors arrive.  I have worked with a number of clients whose dogs behave terribly when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. Their dogs have reacted in many different ways.  …

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