Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 31

Choosing The Correct Dog Leash For Your Dog

When purchasing a dog leash, the size of your dog and the people handling him should be taken into consideration. I have seen too many people using the wrong leash when walking their dogs. Walking a dog with the wrong length and width dog leash will make the walk uncomfortable for your dog. It could …

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Dec 24

I Got A Puppy For Christmas – Now What

A lot of thought goes into buying a new puppy. Are we ready for the responsibility, what breed should we get, can we afford a new puppy? Now that you have made a decision, what do you need to be ready when you bring your new puppy home? You will need a dog leash and …

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Dec 17

Holiday Shopping For Your Dog

It’s that time of year again! Time to go Christmas shopping for your puppies. As with children, your pets understand the holidays have arrived. They observe the commotion in the house. The get a whiff of all the amazing smells of the holiday food cooking, and they discover there is something intriguing underneath the tree. …

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Dec 12

What To Do About Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is not only common; it is one of the most difficult behaviors for dog owners to deal with.  It can be annoying, frustrating and at times, difficult to diagnose. Is your dog tearing things up because he’s bored or is he stressed when left alone?  If your dog is getting enough exercise, and he …

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Dec 05

What to Consider When Choosing a Pet Bed

If you’re anything like us, we treat our pets as a member of the family.  We want them to be comfortable all year round.  We have several different pet beds for our animals. Many people buy pet beds without putting much thought into the process and end up being extremely disappointed for one reason or …

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