Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 26

How to leash train a puppy

Why does my puppy sit down when I try to take him for a walk? This is a very common question among new puppy owners.  Puppies do this for a number of reasons; however, as pet owners, the most common cause for this behavior is our own fault.

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Oct 20

The Best Toys For Energetic Dogs

Do you have a dog with lots of energy?  Not sure how to channel that energy?  Today’s market has a lot of dog toys to help you and you dog release some of that built up energy.  There are toys for you and your dog to play with together, and toys that will challenge them …

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Oct 16

Healthy Pet Treats For Puppies

Today, most dog trainers use positive reinforcement methods.  This means giving lots of treats during training sessions. As a trainer for several years, I have heard a lot concerns from students as to whether or not giving treats to puppies is good for them. Pet treats can be a healthy and wonderful way to reward …

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Oct 12

Choosing The Best Collar For Your Dog

Many of us take great care in choosing the right food, the right treats, and the right toys for our dogs.  However, when it comes to collars, we tend to place the most focus on the appearance.  With such a wide variety of dog collars on the market it can be very confusing as to …

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Oct 05

Halloween Safety For Your Dog

Our dogs have become such a large part of our families that we often want to include them in all of our activities.  When including our dogs in our daily lives we need to make sure that they are safe during every event.  Halloween is no exception!  At this time of year veterinarians see a …

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